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Udono Nagatoshi was a Tokugawa shogunate official who played a role in interactions with Commodore Perry and other foreign agents in the mid-1850s; he later became a head of the Rôshigumi, but lost that position after the assassination of Kiyokawa Hachirô.

Nagatoshi was reassigned from konando to metsuke on 1848/9/15.

In 1853, he was one of a number of officials, alongside Togawa Anchin, who worked to encourage the shogunate to allow former lord of Mito han Tokugawa Nariaki to play an active role in foreign policy discussions.

The following year, alongside Togawa Anchin, Matsuzaki Mantarô, Ido Satohiro, Hayashi Fukusai, and others, Nagatoshi played an active role in receiving, meeting with, and otherwise dealing with the arrival at Uraga (and later, Yokohama and Shimoda) of Commodore Perry of the United States. On 1854/3/3, he signed the Convention of Kanagawa alongside a number of those other officials.

On 1854/10/30, he was officially granted a stipend of 2000 hyô of rice, and rank equivalent to just below the kobushin bugyô.


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