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The Shinchôkôki
  • Japanese: 信長公記

The Shinchôkôki is a record of the Oda clan from 1544 to the death of Oda Nobunaga. It was written by Ôta Gyûichi, a vassal of Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The Shinchôkôki is considered a reliable historical account of the events described.


Sections of the Shinchôkôki

(The order of sections is different depending on the book in question. The order of this list is from the modern Japanese translation by Nakagawa Taiko)

The Events Prior to Entering the Capital (首巻)

  1. The Northern and Southern Districts of Owari province
  2. The First Battle of Azukizaka
  3. Kippôshi's Genpuku
  4. Oda Nobuhide's invasion of Mino
  5. Taira Kagekiyo's famed sword Azamaru
  6. Oda Nobuhide rescues Ôgaki castle
  7. The Young Nobunaga
  8. The Inuyama Revolt
  9. The Death of Oda Nobuhide
  10. The Battle of San no Yama-Akatsuka
  11. The Struggle for Matsuba and Fukada castles
  12. Yanada Yajiemon's Loyalties
  13. A Meeting with Saitô Dôsan
  14. Attack on Muraki castle
  15. Owari Shugo suicide
  16. The Battle of Nakaichiba
  17. The takeover of Kiyosu castle
  18. The Sudden Death of Oda Hidetaka
  19. Oda Nobuyuki's opposition to Nobunaga
  20. The Serpent
  21. Trial by Fire
  22. Saitô Dôsan's exile of Toki Yorinari
  23. The Death of Saitô Dôsan
  24. Oda Nobuyasu's opposition to Nobunaga
  25. A Meeting with the Owari and Mikawa Shugo
  26. The Revolt of Oda Nobuhiro
  27. The Dance
  28. Suruga forces advance to Narumi castle
  29. The Murder of Oda Nobuyuki
  30. The Battle of Ukino
  31. Niwa Yôzô's Loyalties
  32. The Siege of Iwakura castle
  33. The Priest Tentaku's Tale
  34. The Priest Tentaku's Tale II
  35. The Siege of Narumi castle and the building of a fort
  36. The Death of Imagawa Yoshimoto (The Battle of Okehazama)
  37. Tokugawa Ieyasu Returns to Okazaki
  38. Exile of the Owari Shugo
  39. The Battle of Moribe
  40. The Battle of Jûshichijô
  41. The Battle of Okuchi castle
  42. Building a Castle on Komaki Mountain, and Transfer to the New Castle by Nobunaga
  43. The Loyalties of the chief vassals of Inuyama castle
  44. Kajita castle Allies
  45. Encampment on Igi mountain
  46. The Battle at Dôhora Fortress
  47. The Siege of Inabayama castle
  48. Entering the capital with Ashikaga Yoshiaki

Nobunaga's life from 1568 (巻一)

  1. The Suicide of Ashikaga Yoshiteru
  2. Ashikaga Yoshiaki's reliance on the Rokkaku and Asakura
  3. Nobunaga prepares to bring Ashikaga Yoshiaki to the Capital
  4. Entering the Capital, and the Subjugation of the Kinai Provinces
  5. The Noh Performance of actors Kanze and Konbaru
  6. Nobunaga abolishes check stations in his domains

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