Oda Nobushige

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  • Born: 1843
  • Other Names: 萬寿九郎 (Masukurô)
  • Japanese: 織田 信成 (Oda Nobushige)

Oda Nobushige was a Bakumatsu era lord of Yanagimoto han in Yamato province.

The son of Oda Nobuakira, Nobushige succeeded his father to become lord of the 10,000 koku domain of Yanagimoto in 1857. In 1860, he had his first formal audience with the shogun as head of his family and lord of his domain. In preparation for that audience, he was treated to a banquet by Sengoku Hisatoshi and Inaba Akimichi, senior daimyô attached to the Yanagi-no-ma of Edo castle, who helped guide him through the process.

Masukurô's lineage was descended from Oda Urakusai, a younger brother of Oda Nobunaga. They were the only one of the four branches of the Oda clan to be granted "castle holder" (shironushi) status by the Tokugawa shogunate.


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