Meaba Yoshitsugu

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  • Born: 1541
  • Died: 1574
  • Other names: Katsurada Nagatoshi
  • Distinction: Asakura, Oda retainer

Yoshitsugu at first served Asakura Yoshikage. His relations with his lord soured and when the Asakura army went to support the Asai at Odani castle against the Oda in 1572, Yoshitsugu slipped out of camp and went over to the Oda. The following year he acted as a guide for the Oda army when it invaded Echizen province. He was afterwards reestablished with a fief in Echizen and changed his name to Katsurada Nagatoshi. He was killed the following year when the Echizen ikko, supported by secretarians from Kaga, rose up.


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