Matsudaira Chikayoshi (1810-1891)

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  • Born: 1810/2/23
  • Died: 1891/2/4
  • Other Names: 松平滝之助 (Matsudaira Takinosuke)
  • Japanese: 松平親良 (Matsudaira Chikayoshi)

Matsudaira Chikayoshi was the 9th Edo period daimyô of Kitsuki han in Bungo province.

The son of Matsudaira Chikaakira, he was a member of the Nomi Matsudaira clan, and succeeded his father as lord of Kitsuki in 1825. He was named sôshaban in 1842 and accompanied Shogun Tokugawa Ieyoshi to Nikkô Tôshôgû the following year.[1]

Chikayoshi was named jisha bugyô (Magistrate of Temples and Shrines) for the shogunate in 1864.

He lived well into the Meiji period, and died on 1891/2/4 at the age of 82.

Preceded by:
Matsudaira Chikaakira
Lord of Kitsuki han
Succeeded by:
Matsudaira Chikataka


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