Koga Takemichi

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  • Titles: Gon-dainagon
  • Japanese: 久我 建通 (Koga Takemichi)

Koga Takemichi was a court noble and imperial court official who served as gisô and gisô kasei (positions among the chief officials to convey reports to the emperor, and edicts from the emperor) on-and-off numerous times throughout the 1840s-50s. Like others holding those positions, he was on numerous occasions dismissed and then granted the post again within the course of a few months or a year.

Serving as tensô (liaison) to the Gakushûjo as of 1848, he was granted the court title of Gon-dainagon that same year. From time to time during his service to the court, he was dispatched to major Shinto shrines to announce major festivals and court events.


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