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An 18th-19th century lacquered jingasa on display at the Metropolitan Museum.
  • Japanese: 陣笠 (jingasa)

The jingasa (lit. "camp hat") was a type of hat worn by Japanese warriors when traveling or encamped. Of a type with the straw, conical kasa once called a "coolie hat" in English, the jingasa is typically lacquered, making it especially lightweight and waterproof.

In the Edo period, the politics of display of sankin kôtai and other ceremonial occasions led to jingasa becoming more decorative in appearance, as was also the case for many other items of samurai arms, armor, and clothing. Still, these performed important symbolic, ceremonial, and discursive political purposes.


  • Gallery labels, "Hat (Jingasa)," Arms & Armor gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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