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==Han in Inaba==
==Han in Inaba==
*Tottori han 鳥取藩
*[[Tottori han]] 鳥取藩
*Shikano han 鹿野藩,鹿奴藩
*Shikano han 鹿野藩,鹿奴藩
*Wakasa han 若桜藩
*[[Wakasa han]] 若桜藩

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Japanese:因幡国(Inaba no kuni) or 因州(Inshu).

Present Eastern Tottori prefecture.

[edit] Han in Inaba

[edit] Districts

  • Iwai district 岩井郡
  • Hômi district 法美郡
  • Yagami district 八上郡
  • Chizu district 智頭郡
  • Ômi district 邑美郡
  • Takakusa district 高草郡

Kita district 気多郡

[edit] Battles in Inaba Province

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