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Yorino Tadatsugi learned Shinto Ryu from Usa Kimigane (宇佐公廉) and founded Gassan Ryu. This is separate from the Gassan Ryu of Gassan Kiyomitsu. The second in the lineage, Yamazaki Tokuiri (山崎徳入), acquired the spear (sojutsu) techniques of Iizasa Ryu, and it is said he developed the naginatajutsu to be superior to the spear.

It is also thought that he is the same person as that of the second member of the lineage, Yamazaki Chuzo Kagamitsu (山崎忠蔵利光). There are traditions of this school in various han. An instructor from Yanagawa-han, Sakada Chizo Moroyoshi (坂田茅蔵諸良), was one of the more famous. His son, Sakada Genjibe'e Morofusa (坂田元次兵衛諸房), gave a licence to Shida Yoshirosuke (士田代四郎助) in the 6th month of the 2nd year of Bunsei (1819).



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