Chosokabe Nobuchika

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  • Birth: 1565
  • Death: 1587
  • Other name: Chôsokabe Yasaburô
  • Japanese:長宗我部 信親

Nobuchika was Chôsokabe Motochika's eldest and favorite son, and was popular with the Chôsokabe retainers owing to his warm and genial nature. His coming of age ceremony coincided with Motochika's communications with Oda Nobunaga, who provided the 'nobu' in Nobuchika's name, along with a sword and his ceremonial headgear. He was struck down in the retreat from the defeat at Hetsugigawa, on 1/20/1587. The Shimazu honored Motochika by sending the body of his son to him and allowing him to flee to Shikoku. Nobuchika's death was lamented by the Chôsokabe, and especially Motochika, who had now to chose a successor. His decision to name Morichika as his heir would create deep rifts within the clan that contributed to its ultimate fall.


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