Battle of Hitadori

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Hatakeyama, Ashina, Soma, Satake (30,000) vs. Date Masamune (7,000)

The Battle of Hitadori came as Date Masamune faced the greatest crisis of his career. Faced with an allied union of hostile daimyo, Masamune was badly outnumbered but determined to face his foes in the field. Despite spirited efforts by the hard-pressed Date warriors, Masamune defeated in the first phase of this battle at the Hitadori Bridge and forced to retreat into Motomiya Castle. He was saved by the sudden departure from the enemy ranks of Satake Yoshishige, whose own lands in Hitachi were being attacked. The remaining allies, who did not feel that they had the strength to bring the castle down, retreated from Motomiya. KIA: (Date) Moniwa Yoshinao.

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