Arao Shigemasa

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  • Titles: Tosa no kami, Iwami no kami
  • Japanese: 荒尾 成允 (Arao Shigemasa)

Arao Shigemasa was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served as Nagasaki bugyô from 1854 until XX.

Arao was promoted from koshô kashiratori to metsuke in 1852. The following year, he was assigned alongside Kawaji Toshiakira, Koga Masaru, and Tsutsui Masanori to serve as a reception officer (ôsetsukakari) for the Russian embassy and was dispatched to Nagasaki to meet with an embassy led by Yevfimy Vasilyevich Putyatin. While the others were later reassigned to other positions, Arao was assigned in 1853 to remain on-duty in Nagasaki; the following year he was named kaibô kakari (official overseeing coastal defense), and then a month later Nagasaki bugyô.


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