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  • Born: 1718
  • Died: 1797
  • Other Names: 国器 (Ba Kokki / Mǎ Guóqì)
  • Japanese: 与那原 良矩 (Yonabaru Ryouku)

Yonabaru Ryôku was a Ryukyuan scholar-official who served as a member of the Sanshikan for 28 years, from 1769 until 1797. He is also considered one of the 36 greatest poets of Ryûkyû.

Yonabaru was a member of a branch of the Uruku dunchi Ba family started by Ba Urasoe ueekata Ryôsen; this branch held the position of sô-jitô of Ôzato magiri.


  • Explanatory plaque at Yonabaru's birthplace, Naha-shi Shuri Gibo-chô 3-14.[1]
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