Yamato Totohi Momoso

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  • Distinction: Emperor Sûjin's Aunt on the Emperor's father's side
  • Other names: Yamato-toto-hi momo so bime no Mikoto

Princess Yamato Totohi Momoso is supposed to have married Ôkuninushi within the Nihon Shoki. However, their relationship was the cause of her demise.

Because their relations always took place in the secrecy of night, Princess Yamato Totohi Momoso desired to "view his august countenance". Ôkuninushi agreed to appear to her in the morning within her toiletry case, but only if she would not be shocked at what she saw.
Hashihaka Kofun

Curious as to what he meant by this, she eagerly awaited the next day. At dawn, she checked inside her toiletry case only to find a snake coiled up inside.

Screaming, she embarrassed Ôkuninushi, who then took on the appearance of a human. After chiding his wife for disobeying his previous wish, he fled to Mt. Miwa
Mt. Miwa seen from the back of a car

Heartbroken, Yamato Totohi Momoso stabbed herself in her genitals with a chopstick in order to kill herself. She was subsequently buried in Hashihaka Kofun, which literally means "Chopstick Tomb". It has been suggested that Hashihaka Kofun belonged to Himiko, which would hypothetically place Himiko as Yamato Totohi Momoso, and furthermore as Emperor Sujin's aunt.


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