Yamanoda Kazusuke

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Yamanoda's grave at the Nanshû Cemetery, Kagoshima
  • Died: 1877/9/24
  • Japanese: 山野田一輔 (Yamanoda Kazusuke)

Yamanoda Kazusuke was a notable fighter in the Satsuma Rebellion.

Born in Kagoshima City, he served for a time as a colonel in the Imperial Japanese Army before returning to Kagoshima and becoming a company commander in the Satsuma Army. During the last days of the Satsuma Rebellion, he served alongside Kôno Shuichirô as a herald, conveying messages and information about the war to Satsuma military councilors.

He died at the age of 34 at the battle of Shiroyama on 1877/9/24. His younger brother Yamanoda Masaharu died at the battle of Tabaruzaka.


  • Plaques on-site at the Nanshû Cemetery, Kagoshima.[1]
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