Yamamoto Gonnohyoe

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  • Japanese: 山本 権兵衛 (Yamamoto Gonnohyôe, Yamamoto Gonbee)

Yamamoto Gonnohyôe was the 16th Prime Minister of Japan, serving another term as 22nd Prime Minister.

Originally from Satsuma han, Yamamoto fought in both the 1863 Satsuma-England War and the 1868 Boshin War. He served for a time as Minister of the Navy, and in that position promoted Admiral Tôgô Heihachirô to Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet, prior to the Russo-Japanese War.

Yamamoto was named Prime Minister in 1913, and again in 1923.


  • "The English fleet appears on Kagoshima Bay," plaque in Kagoshima.[1]
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