Tsuda Moritsuki

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  • Death: 1593
  • Japanese: 津田 盛月 (Tsuda Moritsuki, Tsuda Seigetsu)
  • Other names: Oda Samanojô, Nobushige, Nobukatsu
  • Titles: Hayato no Sho
  • Distinction: Vassal of Oda Nobunaga

Tsuda Moritsuki was the younger brother of Nakagawa (Oda) Shigemasa, and according to some primary documents was the grandson of Oda Nobutsugu, or at least related to the Oda clan. He assisted Oda Nobunaga with the unification of Owari province, and traveled to Kyoto in 1569 to protect Ashikaga Yoshiaki. He became a retainer of Hashiba Hideyoshi in 1581, and assisted him during the Komaki Campaign, and around this time took the name Tsuda. He also assisted Hideyoshi during the Kyushu Campaign.


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