Takatsukasa Atsuko

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  • Born: 1823
  • Died: 1848
  • Other Names: 有君 (Arigimi)
  • Japanese: 鷹司 任子 (Takatsukasa Atsuko)

Takatsukasa Atsuko, known as Arigimi in her childhood, was the first wife of shogunal heir Tokugawa Iesada.

After being betrothed to the young Iesada, she took up residence within Edo castle beginning in 1831, but the two were not formally married until 1842. She died several years later, in 1848, while Iesada was still heir.

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Arigimi's koshi-ire procession, as she processed to Edo castle to take up residence there in 1831. Handscroll in collection of National Museum of Japanese History


  • "Arigimi no okata gogekô gogyôretsu no zu," gallery labels, National Museum of Japanese History.[1]
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