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Sugitani Yukinao was a court painter (goyô eshi) in service to the Shimazu clan of Satsuma han. His works include a Ryûkyûjin zagaku no zu and a Ryûkyûjin michigaku no zu, scroll paintings depicting the 1832 Ryukyuan mission to Edo as it first entered the city, and then as members of the mission performed chamber music within the Satsuma Edo mansion. Both of these works are today held by the Eisei Bunko.

Yukinao's style has been placed within the lineages of the Yano school, and of the Sekkoku branch of the school of Sesshû. As court painter, he occasionally traveled with the lord of Satsuma to Edo, and it was within such a context that he was able to witness and to paint these performances by the Ryukyuan mission.


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