Shogun Sexecutioner

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Movie Information

Orugasuma Eito (Brick McBurly) in Shogun Sexecutioner
  • Japan, 2003
  • Language: Japanese
  • Color


In this parody of the Lone Wolf films, Orugasuma Eito (Brick McBurly) is removed from his post as Chief Of Security Of The O’oku through treachery by the evil Yankyu clan. He gets his revenge by seducing the wives of all the Shogunate officials that have wronged him.

Critical Reaction

McBurly's swordplay was praised far and wide. Women in particular loved the film-the Brickster’s unique blend of exotic good looks, comedic talent, manliness, and vulnerability brought them into the theaters in great numbers.


Brick is contracually obligated to take a shot to the groin by a woman at least once per film.


  • Brick McBurly
  • Koyori McBurly
  • Masahiko Tsugawa


  • Director: Chiba Naomasa
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