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  • Born: 1528
  • Died: 1572
  • Titles: King of Ryûkyû
  • Japanese/Chinese: (Shou Gen / Shàng Yuán)

Shô Gen was king of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû from 1556 until his death in 1572. A mute, the king required considerable support from the Sanshikan (Council of Three), the chief council of royal advisors. His reign marked the beginning of the Council's demonstration of significantly greater effectiveness and efficiency than previously.

Shô Gen received his official investiture from the Ming Court in 1562, and received emissaries from the Shimazu clan of the Japanese province of Satsuma in 1570 and 1572. The Shimazu wished to establish some control over the Ryukyus, making them either a tributary or a vassal state. The kingdom resisted the Shimazu overtures, and a small punitive mission launched by the Shimazu created a small skirmish on the island of Amami Ôshima in 1571.

He was the second son of King Shô Sei, who he succeeded, and was succeeded in turn by his second son, Shô Ei.


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Preceded by:
Shô Sei
King of Ryûkyû
Succeeded by:
Shô Ei
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