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  • Japanese: 仙台江戸藩邸 (Sendai Edo hantei)

The main mansion in Edo of the Date clan of Sendai han was located directly on the banks of the Shiodome River, between the mansions of the Wakizaka and Hoshina clans, and directly across the river from the shogunal gardens of Hama Rikyû (aka Hama Goten).

The mansion was supplied by the Tamagawa waterworks, and had a wharf attached, where boats from the domain could dock, allowing people and goods to very directly travel between the domain and the Edo mansion. The mansion was surrounded by a stone-lined moat, using stone wall building techniques developed from the castles of the late Sengoku period. Though traffic at this wharf was of considerable scale in the early Edo period, by the latter half of the period, it had reduced considerably.


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