Ryukyu Royal Sho Family Documents

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  • Japanese: 琉球国王尚家関係資料 (Ryûkyû kokuô Shô ke kankei shiryô)

The Ryûkyû kokuô Shô ke kankei shiryô are a collection of historical documents; bingata, kasuri, and other Ryukyuan textile garments, as well as works of Ryukyuan lacquerware, Ryukyuan pottery, and metalwork, along with three swords (incl. Chiyoganemaru) and the sole surviving Ryukyu investiture crown, held at the Naha City Museum of History and considered collectively to be a National Treasure of Japan.

Some 1,166 documents and 85 art treasures related to the Ryukyuan royal family were established as a National Treasure in 2006. In 2019, Shô Mamoru, 23rd head of the Shô house, officially donated an additional 38 documents (for a total of 1,207 documents) that had been held at the home of Matsumoto Hiroshi, son-in-law to Shô Hiroshi, 22nd head of the former royal lineage.


  • "41 Sho royal family documents are to become national treasures," Ryukyu Shimpo, 21 March 2019.
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