Ryo Kokuen

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  • Born: 1716/4/26
  • Japanese/Chinese: 国琬 (Ryou Kokuen / Liáng Guówǎn)

Ryô Kokuen was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat who was prominent in teaching and training performers of Chinese music for various official court functions. He was appointed to a variety of temporary teaching positions of that sort in 1751, 1759, 1760, 1762, and 1772.

Kokuen traveled to China on tribute missions on at least two occasions prior to the age of 30, and served for a time as a Chinese-language interpreter. In 1751/8, he was appointed to be instructor in Chinese instrumental music for the musicians for an upcoming Ryukyuan embassy to Edo. For much of the following months (prior to the mission's departure in 1752/6), he led daily lessons and rehearsals at the Buddhist temple of Kôtoku-ji. In 1759 and 1760, he was appointed to teach pages (koshô) attached to the shoin within Shuri castle. Kokuen trained musicians for the 1764 mission to Edo as well, beginning in 1762/3, leading lessons and rehearsals at Ankokuzen-ji.

In 1772, he was granted a residence in Shuri, and was assigned to train performers (gakudôji) who would be accompanying the Crown Prince (Prince Nakagusuku) on a mission to Kagoshima. Daily lessons were again held at Kôtoku-ji.


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