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The main gate of Ôtani honbyô.
  • Established: 1272
  • Other Names: 西大谷 (nishi ootani)
  • Japanese: 大谷本廟 (ootani honbyou)

Ôtani-honbyô (lit. "Ôtani Main Temple/Mausoleum") is one of two sites in Kyoto said to hold (some of) the cremated remains of Shinran(1173-1262), founder of the Jôdo Shinshû sect of Buddhism; the other is called Ôtani-sobyô (大谷祖廟, "Ôtani Ancestor Temple/Mausoleum"). Ôtani-honbyô is also commonly known as Nishi-Ôtani.

It is located in the Higashiyama area of the city, near Kiyomizu-dera. When Shinran died in 1262, something simple was placed around his grave. Ten years later, in 1272, a new hall was built nearby, at the residence of Shinran's eldest daughter, Kakushin-ni, and his remains were moved there. In 1277, she shared the land with her disciples, who then passed it on to their disciples, and so forth, down through the generations.


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