Okakura Shusui

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  • Born: Meiji 1/12/11 (23 Jan 1869)
  • Died: 1950
  • Other Names: 岡倉覚平 (Okakura Kakuhei)
  • Japanese: 岡倉秋水 (Okakura Shuusui)

Okakura Shûsui was a Nihonga painter and nephew of Okakura Kakuzô. He studied under Kanô Hôgai and is perhaps best known for his copy of Hôgai's famous Hibo Kannon painting.[1]

He was born and raised Okakura Kakuhei in Fukui prefecture, later taking on the name Shûsui.

Okakura enrolled in the Tokyo Fine Arts Academy in 1889, but left the following year to teach at a girls' high school, later becoming an instructor at Gakushuin Academy. In 1900, he founded the Jitsugetsukai artists' society along with Kobayashi Gôkyo.


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