Ogimachi Naoko

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  • Titles: 藤大納言 (Tôdainagon), 藤大納言局 (Tôdainagon no tsubone)
  • Other Names: 新待賢門院 (Shin taiken mon in)
  • Japanese: 正親町 雅子 (Ougimachi Naoko)

Ôgimachi Naoko, also known as Shintaikenmon-in, was an imperial consort to Emperor Ninkô and mother of Emperor Kômei.

A daughter of Ôgimachi Sanemitsu, she was granted the title of Tôdainagon or Tôdainagon-no-tsubone, and in 1849 was granted the honorary Buddhist name Shintaiken-mon-in. In 1850, she was named Sangu (or Jusangu), and was elevated to the Junior Third Rank.


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