Odai no kata

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Grave of Odai no kata at Denzû-in, Bunkyô-ku, Tokyo
  • Born: 1528
  • Died: 1602
  • Other Names: 伝通院 (Denzuu in)
  • Japanese: 於大の方 (Odai no kata)

Odai no kata, also known as Dai, Daishi, and Denzûin, was the mother of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

A daughter of Mizuno Tadamasa, she was married to Matsudaira Hirotada in 1541 and gave birth to Ieyasu the following year. After the Mizuno clan betrayed Hirotada in 1544, he divorced her and remarried.

In 1850, she was posthumously granted the First Rank.[1]


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