Nagayama Morihiro

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Grave of Nagayama Morihiro at the Nanshû Cemetery in Kagoshima
  • Died: 1877/4
  • Other Names: 弥一郎 (Yaichirô)
  • Japanese: 永山盛弘 (Nagayama Morihiro)

Nagayama Morihiro was the one-time head of the tondenhei (military settler colonists in Hokkaidô) and a notable commander of Satsuma forces in the Satsuma Rebellion.

Nagayama held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (chûsa) in the Imperial Japanese Army for a time, and was head of the tondenhei in Hokkaidô as of 1871. He resigned from those positions in 1875 and returned to Kagoshima, where he became head of Satsuma's third battalion in the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion.

While leading forces in the battle of Mifune in Kumamoto prefecture in April 1877, he found himself surrounded; barricading himself in a nearby home, he lit the home on fire and committed suicide. He is buried at the Nanshû Cemetery in Kagoshima.


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