Nabeshima Naomasa

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  • Born: 1814
  • Died: 1871
  • Other Names: 斉正 (Narimasa)
  • Japanese: 鍋島 直正 (Nabeshima Naomasa)

Nabeshima Naomasa was the final lord of Saga domain.

He met with Yevfimy Vasilyevich Putyatin on at least one occasion, receiving the Russian in his own private gardens in Saga.[1]

Later, when the newly-formed Meiji government was debating whether to abandon Sakhalin Island to the Russians, Naomasa was among those advocating an expansion of Japanese defense of the island - to defend it, and Japan, from Russian encroachment.[2]

A statue of him was erected and unveiled in Saga in March 2017.[3]


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