Morikawa Masakazu

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Morikawa's tombstone at the Nanshû Cemetery in Kagoshima
  • Died: 1877/6/23
  • Other Names: 茂手木政一 (Motegi Masakazu)
  • Japanese: 森川政一 (Morikawa Masakazu)

Morikawa Masakazu, originally known as Motegi Masakazu, was an Imperial Japanese Army soldier in the Boshin War and Satsuma fighter who died in the Satsuma Rebellion.

Originally from Yamanashi prefecture, he was studying in Kyoto when he joined up with the Meiji government military. Later adopted by a member of the Morikawa family of Shimazu clan retainers, he fought on the side of the Satsuma shizoku rebels in the Satsuma Rebellion, dying in battle in the area of Bungo province, on 1877/6/23, at the age of 34. He is buried in the Nanshû Cemetery in Kagoshima.


  • Plaque on-site at Morikawa's grave in the Nanshû Cemetery, Kagoshima.
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