Kawasho Yoshinori

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  • Died: 1877/9/4
  • Japanese: 川庄喜徳 (Kawashou Yoshinori)

Kawashô Yoshinori was a young warrior from Fukuoka prefecture, one of 104 from Fukuoka who died in the Satsuma Rebellion. Though traveling to Kagoshima prefecture in answer to a call for aid from the rebels, the Fukuoka warriors never managed to join up with their Satsuma brethren before being killed in battle.

Kawashô died at the age of 26, in the battle of Komegura, near the site today of Kagoshima City Hall, on September 4, 1877, though others from his group survived the battle, only to be killed weeks later. Kawashô is buried at the Nanshû Cemetery in Kagoshima.


  • Plaques on-site at Nanshû Cemetery, Kagoshima.[1]
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