Hongo Tadaoki

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  • Other Names: 島津久龍 (Shimazu Hisatatsu)
  • Japanese: 北郷忠置 (Hongou Tadaoki)

Hongô Tadaoki was the 19th head of the Hongô clan, also known as the Miyakonojô Shimazu. He later took on the name Hisatatsu.

Tadaoki accompanied Satsuma han daimyô Shimazu Yoshitaka on the latter's 1710 sankin kôtai mission, arriving in Edo in the 11th month that year. He was meant to remain in Edo for an extended period, but fell ill, and with Yoshitaka's permission, returned to Kagoshima early the following year alongside the returning Ryukyuan embassy to Edo.


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