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The entrance (in white) of the tombs of Eiso and two of his successors, at Urasoe yôdore
Not to be confused with the Eiso era, which ran from 989-990
  • Born: 1229
  • Died: 1299
  • Reign: 1260-1299
  • Japanese: 英祖 (Eiso)

Eiso was an early king of Okinawa, who united parts of central and southern Okinawa and established the capital at Urasoe. He is sometimes identified as the first historical king of Okinawa, with all those before him seen as legendary.[1]

Eiso is said to have been born at Iso gusuku. His reign is traditionally said to have lasted from 1260 to 1299, marking the beginning of a new dynasty after the previous king, Gihon, went into exile.

He established the royal mausoleum at Urasoe yôdore in 1261, and is entombed there alongside two other medieval Okinawan rulers.


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