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Cornerstone of the no longer extant Dodobashi.
  • Japanese: 百々橋 (dodobashi)

Dodobashi was a bridge which spanned the Kokawa River which used to run from north to south through Kyoto. The bridge was about 7.4 meters long, and about 4 meters wide. It took its name from the surrounding neighborhood, which used to be called Dodo no Tsuji (百々の辻).

During the Ônin War (1467-77), the armies of Hosokawa Katsumoto and Yamana Sôzen faced off at this bridge on a number of occasions, thus securing the bridge's fame and historical significance.

The bridge was once made of wooden planks, but at some point came to be replaced by a stone bridge. In 1963, when the Kokawa River was filled in, the bridge was dismantled. This stone was left as a historical marker, while another was incorporated into the grounds of the neighboring Muromachi Elementary School. Most of the rest of the materials from the bridge were taken to Rakusei New Town, where the bridge was recreated in Chikurin Park.


  • Plaque on-site.

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