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[[File:Cheonheungsa-bell.jpg|right|thumb|425px|Bronze bell of Cheonheung-sa]]
[[File:Cheonheungsa-bell.jpg|right|thumb|213px|Bronze bell of Cheonheung-sa]]
*''Korean'': 天興寺 ''(Cheon heung sa)''
*''Korean'': 天興寺 ''(Cheon heung sa)''

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Bronze bell of Cheonheung-sa
  • Korean: 天興寺 (Cheon heung sa)

Cheonheung-sa is a Buddhist temple near Mt. Seonggeo in South Korea. A bronze bell produced there in 1010 and now in the collection of the National Museum of Korea is considered the oldest surviving Goryeo dynasty bronze bell, and has been designated National Treasure of Korea #280.

[edit] References

  • Gallery labels, National Museum of Korea.[1]
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