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Kaei 2 (嘉永二年)

Timeline of 1849

  • 1849/int.4/1 A British yacht called the Nancy Dawson and commanded by a Captain Shedden, puts in at Naha.
  • 1849/6 or 7 (August) A letter is drafted from the government of Queen Victoria and sent to the government of the Ryûkyû Kingdom suggesting that Ryûkyû regard missionary Bernard Bettelheim more highly.
  • 1849/10 or 11 (December) The Ryûkyû Kingdom responds to England's letter, expressing that they are unable to enter into trade relations with foreign countries (especially as they are poor in resources and have nothing to trade); as Japanese regulations regarding interactions with foreign parties are quite strict, they also ask that the missionary Bettelheim be removed.

Other Events of 1849

Births and Deaths

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