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Kan'ei 7 (寛永七年)

Timeline of 1630

Other Events of 1630

  • Hayashi Razan establishes the private academy which will later become the Shôheizaka gakumonjo.
  • Nihonmachi (Japanese district) in Thai capital of Ayutthaya burned down; Japanese residents flee or are killed.
  • Satsuma han orders that one of the three Ryukyuan Sanshikan must be resident in Kagoshima as a hostage for a three year period (to be followed after that by a different member of the Sanshikan, for three years). This system remains in place until 1646.
  • Shogunate formally severs diplomatic relations with Ayutthaya.
  • Shogunate bans establishment of new Buddhist temples.
  • Ban on onna-kabuki is reissued.

Births and Deaths

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