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Keichô 11 (慶長十一年)

Timeline of 1606

Other Events of 1606

  • Dijian tushuo (J: Teikan zusetsu), a 16th century Chinese didactic text describing the exemplary rule of a number of emperors, and the actions of emperors lacking in virtue, is republished in Japan in woodblock printed form.
  • Chinese investiture envoys led by Xia Ziyang travel to Ryûkyû for the investiture of King Shô Nei.
  • Shimazu Iehisa attempts to arrange the re-establishment of official Sino-Japanese trade, via Ryûkyû, but receives no response from Ryûkyû.
  • Tei Dô (Jana ueekata) is appointed to the Sanshikan.
  • Teppôki ("Records of Muskets") is written.
  • Naha Harbor is successfully defended against a wakô raid.

Births and Deaths of 1606

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