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Eikyô 5 (永享五年)

Timeline of 1433

Other Events of 1433

  • China grants permission to expand the size of Japanese tribute missions to 300 men on three ships.
  • The first kangô bôeki mission since 1410 arrives in China. The mission consists of five ships, and is co-sponsored by the Yamana clan, the Ashikaga shogunate, Sôkoku-ji, Sanjûsangendô, and thirteen other daimyô, temples, and shrines. The documents sent by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshinori refer to the shogun as "Your Subject, Minamoto Yoshinori," and employ the Chinese Xuande reign year; the Ming Court responds favorably, sending a mission which formally invests Yoshinori as "King of Japan," and provides 100 new kangô ("tallies").
  • On'ami (Kanze Motoshige) becomes the third head of the Kanze school of Noh.[1]

Births and Deaths

  1. Actually, fourth, but his predecessor Kanze Motomasa is dropped out of the counting.
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