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Einin 5 (永仁五年)

Timeline of 1297

  • 1297/6 Zhou Daguan's mission departs Cambodia for China.
  • 1297/8/12 Zhou Daguan's mission arrives home at Mingzhou.

Other Events of 1297

  • Abridged versions of the fudoki begin to appear.
  • The shogunate demands that Emperor Go-Uda (of the Daikaku-ji line) abdicate the throne in favor of his cousin Emperor Fushimi (of the Jimyô-in line), against the wishes of Retired Emperor Kameyama (of the Daikaku-ji line). Fushimi takes the throne the following year, and a compromise is reached in which the two lineages will alternate the succession.

Births and Deaths

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1297 Following Year
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